Meet Escentiall.

Escentiall. is the brand that combines comfort with fresh design. This brand is a game changer and gives new flavor and color to the adl branche. Can we even call this adl anymore…

We know a little bit about aids for daily living (ADL) and frankly we really don’t like what we see. For decades now, we are seeing products that do the job that they are supposed to. But they are boring and make your house look like a hospital or nursing home. Wake up designers, it’s not 1975 anymore. Products need to perform and look great!

And that is exactly what we are doing at Escentiall. For us it doesn’t matter if we create a funky opener or a cool looking walking cane, a colorful boil-over protector or a shower seat that fits your design bathroom. All we want to do is develop great products that look desirable and come in handy.

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