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This is not a regular glass.

What is the biggest disadvantage of great glasswork? It breaks. We decided to make a beautiful glass that doesn’t break. We added extra grip, so you don’t drop it. We also changed the material from glass to high quality plastic with a crystal-clear look. And it will keep the crystal-clear look. Then we added some accessories to give you even more grip and a stylish look.

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Fancy features


We know, plastic doesn’t sound luxurious at all. It sounds way cooler if we could tell you Baqske was made by a craftsman in an old factory piece by piece. Unfortunately, our story is less interesting. But then again, Baqske will not break.

Extra grip

Baqske has got lots of grip. The specially designed indent and the twisted shape of the cup makes it so much more comfortable to hold it in your hand without slipping. We also developed accessories for even more grip.


Baqske is a real space saver because you can stack them. That will make it easier to put more and more Baqskes in your kitchen cabinets. Which we wouldn’t mind off course.

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