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Keep it boiling.

How many times have you let a pot or pan boil over? Turn the heat down and your pasta will take too long, turn the heat up and your kitchen will look horrible. That’s why we love our Pruttulhullup. Pruttulhullup is available in one size that fits almost all pans, four colours and it’s the perfect solution to cook your pasta or rice to perfection.

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Fancy features

No more boiling over

If you, just like us, don’t really like power cleaning your kitchen every day, we suggest using the Pruttulhullup. The Pruttulhullup works like a lid but has openings to let steam out. It is shaped like a bowl to hold boiling water that otherwise would land on your stove. Water in the bowl will easily turn into steam.

One fits all

The Pruttulhullup fits almost every pan from small to large and that makes it the perfect solution. So all you single ladies, big families and every other combo in between, this is for you.

Ready to steam

Well that is multifunctional. You can use Pruttulhullup as a steamer as well. Get yourself that healthy lifestyle en steam your veggies or fish to perfection with Pruttulhullup. The Pruttulhullup not only keeps your kitchen clean, it’s also easy to clean and ready to steam.

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Check out our kitchen concept!

Drailos is a part of our kitchen concept which also offers the Pruttulhullup, a boil-over protector which doubles as a steamer.